hey guys, it's weird and I've never experienced that before. I've created a new blog and a custom theme. I'm using <?php echo date("H:i"); ?>in my theme.

The time that's put is 2h earlier. e.g. if it's actually 16:00 o'clock the date generated with date() is 14:00.

I don't know why that happens? I'm using the german wordpress version with the german language pack.

Also doesn't make a difference when putting

setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de_DE');

into wp-config.php.

any idea how I could solve that? the time set in my wordpress settings is UTC+2 which is the correct time.


This could probably make exquisite debugging session, but taking in account it's Friday evening - just use date_i18n() instead and let WordPress deal with a huge mess that time/date issues usually are.

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Doesn't the PHP date() function merely return a value based on the server timestamp? So, what is the current time for your server, compared to your local time? Does that account for the two-hour difference?

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  • Yes, but it's influenced by date_default_timezone_set() which is set to UTC in wp-settings.php, so you'll always get UTC timecode unless you add in the GMT offset. – Tom Auger Oct 2 '12 at 21:33


echo date('H:i', current_time('timestamp'));

and enjoy!

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  • I'm not sure that date_i18n() will solve the offset issue. wp-settings.php sets date_default_timezone_set('UTC') and all subsequent calls to date() will be based on that offset unless you switch it. date_i18n() doesn't do anything about this, just looks at the locale for formatting information. The WordPress function current_time() on the other hand, will take the current time() and then adds the GMT offset as defined in your Settings > General pane, which gives you your effective local time, provided you've set it correctly in your Settings. +1 – Tom Auger Oct 2 '12 at 21:32

I think that the problem is that the server date is different between your. Your server has a different date between your probably because it's placed in another state.

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