I'm working on a script that will drop articles directly into the wordpress database, using wp_insert_posts(). However, I have networking enabled and the wp_insert_post() reference page has no documentation relating to using wp_insert_post() to upload to a specific site on the network.

How can I do this with wp_insert_posts()? Or is their another function which does this?

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    Why not to use switch_to_blog in order to insert your posts?
    – konus
    Apr 29, 2011 at 14:32

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When using function like wp_insert_post() It will work on the currently active blog, meaning that if you are on a blog in your network with blog_id of 2 the the post you insert using wp_insert_post() will be inserted to that blog.

Now if you want to insert the post to a specific blog you can use switch_to_blog() function which will tell WordPress that "the current blog is" so you can use wp_insert_post() to insert to that specific blog.

Then to tell WordPress that what is the real current blog you can use restore_current_blog() so:

your wp_insert_post() stuff

take a look at WPMU Functions to understand more about the available functions in a network.


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