I am writing plugin. I have added 1 custom table in database.

Suppose my plugin's current version is 1.0 After few days i am upgrading plugin and now its version 1.2. Same for after some time and now version is 1.3 and ..... 1.4

Now for every release of plugin version I have made some changes in database.

Than how can i upgrade database. I know about store db version in options table.

But i don't know because some user update his plugin from 1.1 -> 1.2, other is from 1.1 -> 1.4......... some is 1.2 -> 1.4..etc.. Than there is only way to add all conditions to code or any other solution is available?????

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In short, no. But it's not particularly complicated. Just add a new version_compare block each time you revise the database:

$db_version = get_option( 'my_plugin_version' );

if ( version_compare( $db_version, '1.1', '<' ) ) {
    // Initial update code added in 1.1

if ( version_compare( $db_version, '1.2', '<' ) ) {
    // Additional update code added in 1.2

if ( version_compare( $db_version, '1.3', '<' ) ) {
    // And so forth

update_option( 'my_plugin_version', '1.3' );

This accounts for upgrades from any previous version, and only applies updates required to bring the db to the current version.

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