I've read a few posts about this topic, but I haven't found any plugins that fit my need.

What I want to achieve:

User A and B both have a login. When user A logs in, he's redirected to www.somesite.com/a/ and when user B logs in, he's redirected to www.somesite.com/b/

Now, www.somesite.com/a/ should be private for user A, and user B or anyone else should not be able to access this page.

I found this plugin that would allow a redirect after login: https://wordpress.org/plugins/redirect-after-login/screenshots/

But as you can see, this is only for the standard user roles.

I will of course need some custom members/groups, since I could have many users that should only be able to see their own personal page (Right now my need is only around 7 users). It is very important that I, as an admin, can control the content on these pages. It shouldn't just be a simple "update profile page".

So yeah, to sum up: I need each user to have a private page, that they are redirected to when they login.

I hope that someone has tried this before, and has some ideas. I don't think there's one plugin that can do all I'm looking for, so I guess I need a couple of plugins that can talk well together.

Please do tell if I need to provide more information.


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You could use Buddypress to achieve this along with this plugin:


Hope that helps.

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