I have the following code below in my ~WP_Query`.

$args[ 'meta_key'] = 'price';
$args['orderby'] = 'meta_value meta_value_num';
$args['order'] = 'ASC';

The custom field in question has historic data that was created in a custom field and set as text. When I run my query I get the following results:

1,199.00, 1,299.99 169.99, 379.95.

which looks like a correct alpha sort. However, the higher numbers should appear last and the lower values first. I have tried to adjust the custom field to numeric, however I lose the custom field data.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I should either rewrite my query or transfer my text custom field data to numeric data?

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A meta_value field is always text; the fieldtype in the database structure is longtext, so unless you're explicitly typecasting when retrieving it (i.e. $price = (float)$custom['price'][0]; - which won't help with ordering in the first place), you can't 'adjust' the custom field data - it's always stored as text.

Having said that, you should simply remove the initial meta_value in your orderby argument:

$args['meta_key'] = 'price';
$args['orderby'] = 'meta_value_num';
$args['order'] = 'ASC';

Having used this exact argument set myself just yesterday, it works perfectly.

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    Very neat minimalistic solution!!! Commented Dec 14, 2018 at 16:01

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