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Hello all! I'm trying to add as you'll see in the image attached a small huffington post icon and accompanying text to some posts on my blog. I'd like to set up a category "Huffington Post" and when this category was checked for a new post, it would add the "As Published on.." text and Huff Post icon to the post. I don't want this code on every post just the posts that are denoted by this category. Any help is much appreciated! Cheers!!!

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Have a look at in_category() in the codex. You would either insert this into your theme within the post loop or create a function in functions.php that'll insert the image and text you want when a post from that category is displayed on screen.

Here's a test bit of code I put together that works well in the Twenty Fourteen theme. I put it inside the loop in content.php as a quick test.

if (in_category(1)) { 
    echo "<p style='font-size:80px'>Category 1 Test</p>";

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