I'm trying to customise the TinyMCE text editor. Several of the common options for overruling Tiny MCE didn't seem to work for me. So instead I overwrote the functions in my functions file:

function tinymce_editor_buttons($buttons) {
        return array(
add_filter("mce_buttons", "tinymce_editor_buttons", 99);

function tinymce_editor_buttons_second_row($buttons) {
   //return an empty array to remove this line
    return array();
add_filter("mce_buttons_2", "tinymce_editor_buttons_second_row", 99);

This works great except for the justify functions and separator, which don't appear.

This post lists all the shortcodes, so I think I have the correct codes, and removing and adding other options works, however these two don't.

Why would these options not appear when all the others do?

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Because you are using button references to version 3 of TinyMCE. Beginning in WordPress version 3.9; TinyMCE 4 is being used.

Check this page, then click the "View Source" tab to see the new button names.

Working from your array above:

TinyMCE 3        TinyMCE 4
justifyleft   => alignleft
justifycenter => aligncenter
justifyright  => alignright

As far as I know, the separator button has been removed from WordPress core. I believe they removed the css rules which allowed the separator previously. This WordPress Trac Ticket may explain more.

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