I want to use a custom menu from the wordpress database but I get the elements disordered and I want them to have the same order how can i do that? There is a place in the database where the order is stored?


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You will get the nav_menu_items from wp_term_relationship in correct order. if you want to confirm there order by knowing there order number... u will get the object id of each item from the previous table and search for that id in wp_posts. then there will be column for that particular row named menu_order. so that u can get the actual order number.


old post but a weird answer, maybe this is more current: fields for a post are either in the wp_posts table or the wp_postmeta, the one for menu_order is in wp_posts.

You can use the menu_order sorting for products in a shortcode like this:

[products order_by="menu_order" order="DESC" limit="-1" per_page="24" paginate="true"]

In my case, I imported products and their import order wasn't the same as the original date created. So by populating menu_order and using that shortcode I'm able to show a list new product releases in the correct order.

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