For my registration I am using custom registration form.It works fine.It sends email with username and password.

What I am looking I want to generate url so that when user click it automatically complete activation .I do not want them to write username or password manually.My code for sending email

                $random_password = wp_generate_password( 12, false );
            $status = wp_create_user( $username, $random_password, $email );
            if ( is_wp_error($status) ) 
                echo "Username already exists. Please try another one.";
            else {
                $from = get_option('admin_email');
                $headers = 'From: '.$from . "\r\n";
                $subject = "Registration successful";
                $msg = "Registration successful.\nYour login details\nUsername: $username\nPassword: $random_password";
                wp_mail( $email, $subject, $msg, $headers );

                echo "Please check your email for login details.";

I think similar question is answered here:

Send user activation email when programmatically creating user

Please have a look.

Let me know if that solves the issue.

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