In my single blog view, I only want to show the Prior and Next buttons within the same category the current post is in.

I thought I could just change these two lines thus (set first term to true). but that doesn't seem to ever display the buttons. Any suggestions ?

$post_prev = get_adjacent_post(false,'',true)  ? get_permalink(get_adjacent_post(false,'',true))  : false;
$post_next = get_adjacent_post(false,'',false) ? get_permalink(get_adjacent_post(false,'',false)) : false;

Thank in advance!


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Add this in your functions file and it links all single posts within the same category

add_action('loop_end', 'wpsites_nav_links', 25 );
function wpsites_nav_links() {
if( !is_single() ) 

previous_post_link('<span class="single-post-nav previous-post-link">%link</span>', '&lt;&lt; Previous Post in Category', TRUE);
next_post_link('<span class="single-post-nav next-post-link">%link</span>', 'Next Post in Category &gt;&gt;', TRUE);

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