I call the function ´get_adjacent_post_link´ using the argument ´$excluded_terms´. But this argument is ignored.

This is how I call the function.

    '<span class="forward"></span>',
    array(83, 88, 89, 182),

By clicking the resulting link I can reach a post that is in the category 'Blog Eintrag (de)' which has this admin URL


I think that a post with this category should be excluded by the argument ´array(83, 88, 89, 182)´. Why is it not?

My Wordpress version is 3.9.1.

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This question has the same solution as that one. The answer is short, so I post it here as well:

In WordPress 3.9 (and still in 3.9.1) there's a bug concerning the excluded terms in get_adjacent_post(). There's a plugin to fix that bug.

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