I need to so some stuff only when specific templates (homepages) are used, I couldn't think of any better solution than this since is_page_template() do not handle arrays:

        $home_1 = is_page_template('home-1.php');
        $home_2 = is_page_template('home-2.php');
        $home_3 = is_page_template('home-3.php');
        $home_4 = is_page_template('home-4.php');
        $home_5 = is_page_template('home-5.php');
        $home_6 = is_page_template('home-6.php');

        if ( $home_1 || $home_2 || $home_3 || $home_4 || $home_5 || $home_6  ) {
             //Do stuff

Since I need this for several parts, I was wondering if there is any cleaner way to do this not to repeat the same code throughout template files? Maybe inside a function in functions.php? Thanks


Check out this Alternative

  // in the loop:
  $template = get_page_template_slug( get_the_ID() );
  if (in_array($template,array('home1','home2')) ) ){
     // Yep, Do your stuff

  // anywhere:
  $template = get_page_template_slug( $some_post_ID );
  if (in_array($template,array('home1','home2')) ) ){
     // Yep, Do your stuff

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