I had a WordPress site which was moved to a directory called "test". Now, all the urls for the wordpress site is domain.com/test, /test/wp-admin. The main index page is a custom html page for domain.com. Now, I want to move the WP back to the root directory but let the domain.com point to the same custom html page. How can I achieve this? The custom html page is independent of the theme used in the WP site.



Put the code from the index.html page into a file called front-page.php and put that in your theme directory.


You could use wp_redirect

 <?php wp_redirect( 'http://www.example.com/your-page/', 301 ); exit; ?>

Easiest thing you can do is make it a anyname.php and wrap this tagline in it.

<?php Template Name: Index ?>

<html>elements within it</html> 

In WordPress go to any page you create and choose template name: Index.

From WordPress go to Settings > Reading and choose the custom page you want. This will avoid bad seo practises and keep you using your html page dynamically.

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