I may have just dug too deep into WordPress lately that I am not able to free my head & don't get this working as supposed to do.

I want a simple taxonomy archive listing all taxonomy terms (not a term's archive), while it only 404s on my end.

This is how it is set up: I have a CPT 'travel' and a taxonomy called 'actions' that classify different kind of travel options (e.g. by bike, sailing etc.). Term archives (with a taxonomy-actions.php template) work just fine. The URL is like www.domain.com/actions/by-bike. However, when I try to pull the taxonomy archive, which should then be located at www.domain.com/actions, I get a 404. Is there something basic I am missing or doing wrong? Isn't the taxonomy-actions.php supposed to be used for the taxonomy archive in the first place?


There is no concept of an archive of terms in WordPress. Archives are collections of posts, The Loop only outputs posts.

If you want a page listing all terms in a taxonomy, create a page, assign it a custom page template, and output the taxonomy's terms via one of the API functions, like get_terms.

  • Thanks for clarifying, that pretty much makes sense, though a term archive would at times be handy. I thought there would be a cleaner way than to use a page and stuff in my code for a terms list (along with posts of them anyway) ;). – physalis Jul 16 '14 at 23:25

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