I can make a simple translation string like this:

<?php _e('Hello world','text-domain'); ?>

But how to make a translation string if there is a markup in it? For example this:

<?php _e('<span>Hello</span> world','text-domain'); ?>

Is the above correct?


Localizing a string with html markup inside the string can be a very opinionated story as you can see from one of my questions when I started out.

I would not say you are right, neither would I say that you are wrong, but I would say that your method is not prefered.

If you have a look at I18n for WordPress Developers, you'll see that you should use printf() and placeholders when you have variables inside a string, well, the same applies for markup. My emphasis, you should never translate html tags, always use html tags outside of your string.

An example, with what I've just covered, should render a string like this

printf(__( '%s Hello %s world', 'textdomain' ), '<span>', '</span>' );

It works.

 echo '<span>' . esc_html__( 'Hello world', 'textdomain' ) . '</span>';

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