How to clear floats in WYSIWYG editor? Not everyone know how to add <div style="clear:both>" in HTML mode. Is there any way to add extra button to WYSIWYG or plugin. TineMCE doesn't have that option.

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Write a simple shortcode to add a <div style="clear: both;">&nbsp;</div>

Detailed Explanation: http://brettterpstra.com/adding-a-tinymce-button/

  • shortcode is great idea, but couldn't add custom button following that tutorial, maybe WP 3.1 has changed the way buttons are added. Thank for pointing me in this direction!!!
    – alexndm
    Apr 23, 2011 at 17:43
  • This doesn't work? I copy/pasted it into a gist. Download and give it a try as plugin: gist.github.com/938844#comments
    – kaiser
    Apr 23, 2011 at 18:19
  • Setting "overflow: auto" in CSS is a much better way of clearing floats than adding extra markup -- blogs.sitepoint.com/simple-clearing-of-floats
    – Ian Dunn
    May 23, 2011 at 22:39

Try the WordPress plugin TinyMCE Clear Float. It uses the following HTML markup: <br style="clear: both;">. Give it a try.

Disclaimer: I'm the author of this plugin.

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