I am writing a plugin with dynamic no. of input fields in form. To submit form via ajax, I have used jquery serialize() function.

$(".submit").submit(function( event ) {
        var data = {
            action: 'wpaie_ajax_action',
            operation: 'import',
            importData: $(this).serialize()
//do some operation
        $.post(ajaxurl, data, function(response) {


Ajax is working fine and data is also serialized but I am not able understand how to read the form input fields.

If I am using echo $_POST["importData"], it is showing me serialized data but what should be the correct way to read that serialized data.

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Provided that your server receives data in the form of a string which it should if you're using the jQuery serialize() function.

It will be something like:


You just need to parse the string into an array as follows:

$parameters = array(); parse_str($_GET, $parameters);

See the following for more information: http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.parse-str.php

  • Thanks for the help!!! I will use parse-str to parse the values. Thanks
    – Pritesh
    Commented Jul 13, 2014 at 14:28

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