I'm sorry for my english. I'm trying to add some functionalities at my Wordpress website and to do this i have added a function in my function.php theme. The idea is to save in a custom table some datas and create a wp_post for any element added in the custom table.

I hooked the function in this way:

add_action ( 'init', 'inserimentoAutoDatabase' );

The problem is that when the function is executed the query that save the datas in the custom table and create a new post is executed twice. I report my code:

function inserimentoAutoDatabase(){

    //get datas from an xml file
    $result = fetchData("http://dealer.drivek.it/myPortalXML/index?myPortalXMLkey=d660d1e9-8c1d-41ff-8f54-0829777a9960");

    //save the xml  
    $fp = fopen('autodealerk-1.xml', 'w+');
    fwrite($fp, $result);

    //load xml file


    //start parsing xml content
    foreach($xml->car as $auto)
        //this echo is executed only once
        echo ("test");

        //not important for the question | checks some content
        if($auto->km == null || $auto->km  == ''){
            $kilometri = "nuova";
            $anno_registrazione = "-";
            $kilometri = $auto->km;
            $anno_registrazione = $auto->registrationDate;

        $inevidenza = 0;
            $inevidenza = 1;

        // create an array for the query
        $insData = array(
            'id' => $auto['id'],
            'make' => (string) $auto->make,
            'model' => (string) $auto->model,
            'version' => (string) $auto->version,
            'bodyType' => $auto->bodyType,
            'fuelType' => $auto->fuelType,
            'type' => $auto->type,
            'dealer_name' => (string) $auto->dealer->name,
            'gear_gearType' => (string) $auto->gear->gearType,
            'tractionType' => $auto->tractionType,
            'kw' => $auto->kw,
            'doors' => $auto->doors,
            'seats' => $auto->seats,
            'emissionClass' => $auto->emissionClass,
            'prices_listPrices' => $auto->prices->listPrice,
            'exterior_color_paint' => $auto->exterior->color . " " . $auto->exterior->paint,
            'km' => $kilometri,
            'typewarrantyMonths' =>  $auto->warranty->type . " " . $auto->warranty->warrantyMonths,
            'equipments' => "equipaggiamenti",
            'media' => $auto->image,
            'description' => $auto->description,
            'registrationDate' => $anno_registrazione

        $wpdb->insert('auto_importate', $insData);

        // define the post
        $my_post = array(
          'post_title'    => (string) $auto->make . (string) $auto->model . (string) $auto->version,
          'post_content'  => $auto->description,
          'post_status'   => 'publish',
          'post_author'   => 1,
          'post_type'     => "vehicles"

        // ***** post is created twice
        $post_id = wp_insert_post( $my_post );

        //i break the cycle **** only for test
        if( $i == 1 ) break;


As you can see in the images below at the end of the cicle (breaked after the first execution) i expect only one element but there are twice.

auto_importate table

auto_importate table content

Anyone can help me??? Have you any idea about this issue?

Thanks in advance.

  • see this question: wordpress.stackexchange.com/q/27585/4771
    – Milo
    Jul 8 '14 at 18:17
  • I'm sorry but it doesn't work for me Jul 8 '14 at 18:51
  • @Rarst Comment is now an answer. In these instances, do I delete my comment??
    – eyoung100
    Jul 8 '14 at 20:16
  • @ECarterYoung mods usually do it, even if not - no harm really :)
    – Rarst
    Jul 8 '14 at 20:23
  • any additional request will trigger your code, for example a 404 on an asset served in the first request will result in another request hitting WordPress.
    – Milo
    Jul 8 '14 at 22:09

The use of wpdb->insert and wp_insert_post both accomplish an SQL Insert, which is why you're seeing 2 records each time. You must use only one instance of an insert method, and then Pass $my_post to WP_Query


As Milo points out in his comment wpdb->insert will insert into any table, while wp_insert_post is used to insert a post into the wp_posts table. wpdb->insert is used mainly for custom tables.

In your case:

<?php $wpdb->insert( 'auto_importare', $insData); ?> 

Sticking with the premise that $wpdb should be used for custom tables, you would then use wpdb->get_results to select the data you just inserted:

<?php $post_results -> $wpdb->get_results( 'SELECT make,model, version,description FROM wpdb->auto_importare'); ?> 

Lastly, and this part escapes me at the moment, you would build your post query from $post_results

See The WordPress Codex: wpdb

  • they both insert, but the data is going into two different tables.
    – Milo
    Jul 8 '14 at 20:32

You make no attempt to check if the work has already been done. As a result on every page load the work will be done yet again and more posts created.

Because of this, when WordPress attempts to run WP Cron, you'll get a second load, and a second run of the code.

So do not run this on every page load via the init hook. The URL being fetched takes a long time to return the full page so your site will run very slowly.


  • Run this in a cron job that runs at regular intervals
  • Check before inserting if the post has already been created. Perhaps by querying the auto_importate table to see if a car with that ID already exists.

A final note, you do not need the auto_importate table, use custom fields/post meta instead. You may also want to get a new portal key now that you've posted it for all to see in your question

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