I want to display a select box to switch to SUBCATEGORIES of the current CATEGORY when i'm on a category page.

I've the following category structure

Category 1
    Subcategory 1
    Subcategory 2
    Subcategory 3
Category 2
    Subcategory 1
    Subcategory 2

I've created a custom template using the category slug but i need to create a selectbox at the top of the template that loads the subcategory of the current category. How do i achieve this?


If you are referring to the categories from the post type post (the blog) then this would do the trick:

For a drop-down: wp_dropdown_categories()

For a list: wp_list_categories()

Only display categories that are children of the category identified by this parameter. There is no default for this parameter.

  // Put the parent category ID in place of 9999
  // for a drop-down, does not need <select></select> wrapper
  // for a list, does need <ul></ul> wrapper

I can't comment on deflime's answer, but if you want a <select> you'll want to use the wp_dropdown_categories function


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