Is there a action similar to save_post for comments? Already tried comment_post which does not fire when clicking the update button on a comment in WordPress.

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You can try the edit_comment hook that's fired within the wp_update_comment() function, called by the edit_comment() function when you edit a comment in the backend.

This hook is fired after the comment is updated in the database.


add_action( 'edit_comment', 
    function( $comment_ID )
        // ... your code here ...

Notice the following comment in the source:

The hook also fires immediately before comment status transition hooks are fired.

I find this comment somewhat confusing, because it's actually the get_comment filter that's fired immediately before the comment status transition hooks are fired within the wp_transition_comment_status() function. But it's true if hook = action, but I usually understand the meaning of the word hooks to be both actions and filters. But this was just a minor detour.

ps: My first thought/guess was save_comment, before I checked the source ;-)


I use simply this, as i couldnt find other..

add_action('plugins_loaded', 'Check_commentt');          //or directly execute Check_commentt()
function Check_commentt(){
    if (isset($_POST['author']) && isset($_POST['email'])){
        //do something

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