is it possible to add a dynamic class to a div using a filter in the functions.php? I know it's possible for the body-tag - also for a custom defined div with an id?

if ( !is_search() ) {
   $customclass = 'myclass';

You could try using one of the following methods, I don't think there is a specific way to do this other than these two options below.

Option 1

In your template file, add the post_class(); to your div like this:

<div id="your-div" <?php post_class(); ?> >

Then you can use post_class filter in your themes or plugins functions file, something like this:

// Add dynamic post class
    function royal_custom_class($classes) {
        global $post;
            $classes[] = 'your-class-name'; // Add your class however its generated here
            return $classes;
    add_filter('post_class', 'royal_custom_class');

Option 2

Your other option, if the div was defined in your actual content then you could use the_content filter and replace and update it.

Something like this:

function updated_page_content( $content )
     return '<div class="custom_class">Whatever goes inside</div>'. $content;
add_filter( 'the_content', 'updated_page_content' );

References from Codex for these two methods

Post Class Filter - WordPress Codex

The Content Filter - WordPress Codex


You could also do something like (this goes into functions.php):

function add_new_class(){

    if (is_page()) {
    return "page";
} elseif (is_single()) {
    return "post";
} else {
    //add other elseifs

And then, this is how you could call this within different templates:

<header class="entry-header <?php echo $new_class = add_new_class(); ?>">

WordPress will load different value based on which template (post/page/search/archive, etc.) you are currently on.

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