Is there a native function to check if a theme a template file. For instance, if a theme is not using the 'home.php' file, then execute some code...


So I would add to the Answer the following:

function foo_function() {
    $located = locate_template( 'home.php' );
     if ( !empty( $located ) ) {
          // 'home.php' found in Theme, do something
add_action('init', 'foo_function');
// remember to change both of the parameters above, first one for where you want the
// action to happen and the second one the name of the function declared

As @Chip Bennett, said it will check both TEMPLATEPATH and STYLESHEETPATH, but I would append the code to a hook instead of just putting it in the functions.php file.

But's up to you.

  • I'm gonna definitly use it with a hook. I needed the function, because, i'm working on a options panel for my theme framework, that provide layout choices based on available templates.
    – Wok
    Apr 20 '11 at 17:35

Any reason locate_template() (Codex ref) wouldn't work?

if ( '' != locate_template( 'home.php' ) ) {
     // 'home.php' found in Theme, do something

Note that locate_template() will check both TEMPLATEPATH and STYLESHEETPATH, so it works for both a stand-alone Theme and a Child Theme.

  • Thanks Chip...much appreciated, i'm gonna give Webord the points, seems he needs it more then you :-P. Your awesome in this corner of Wordpress world. I've learned a lot from all your comments.
    – Wok
    Apr 20 '11 at 17:32

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