I have 15 categories. I list this using <div class="category_list"><ul><li><?php wp_list_categories();?></li></ul></div> Now it's listing all 15 categories into a single div which is category_list.

I am trying to print these categories 5 by 5 in three divs. like:

<div class="category_list">first 5 categories here </div>

<div class="category_list">6th to 10th categories here </div>

<div class="category_list">11th to 15th categories here </div>

Those divs are float next to each other I can do that using CSS.
But how can I achieve that HTML markup using PHP coding?

Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Why not have a look at get_categories. This should give you more flexibility Jun 25, 2014 at 7:05

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You can use get_categories() function.

  $cats =  get_categories();
  $count = 15;  // Total Categorie
  $linetotal=round($count/3); ?>  // Part of Categorie

  <div class="category_list">
      $totalcount = 1;
      $totalpart = 1;
      foreach($cats as $cat): ?>
        <li><?php echo $cat->name; ?></li><?php
        if($totalcount % $linetotal == 0 && $totalpart < 3) { 
          echo '</ul></div><div class="category_list"><ul>';
  • Thank u so much for this. It's working fine if total category is 15. I'm trying to assign value to $count based on the number of categories. <? $date_arch = wp_get_archives('echo=0'); $date_arch = explode( '<li>' , $date_arch ); $date_arch_count = count($date_arch); echo $date_arch_count;?> is echoing total number of categories. But <? $cats = get_categories('echo=0'); $cats = expload( '<li>', $cats); $cats_count = count($cats); echo $cats_count; ?>says Call to undefined function expload() if we can get this value like $cats_count we can assign value to $cats.any idea? Jun 25, 2014 at 8:17

wp_list_categories() is default wordpress function to show categories. It itself append the html with category items and print it accordingly.

Now if you want to show categories in 3 div grid you need to print it with your custom code. First load all the terms of category type then

    $terms=get_terms( 'categories', array('orderby' => 'slug', 'hide_empty' => false,'depth' => 3));

echo "<pre>"; print_r($terms); echo "</pre>"; die;

It will display you category array. Now you can traverse this array to print it in any format.

Or you can use the same function to print category 3 times in all the3 three divs.Just specify the particular ids (excluding those 10 that you don't want)

wp_list_categories('show_count=0&use_desc_for_title=0&title_li=0&exclude=1, 16, 30, 31, 32, 78, 80, 9');

Here enter those 10 category ids that you want the first div then exclude other 10 that you don't want in the second div, same for the 3rd div

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