I want to include the 'Comments' meta box (the one usually seen on the post creation page) on my plugin's admin page. Is there a way to do that? I am aware of how you can use add_meta_box() to add a custom one, but I want to simply add the comments meta box of a specific post on a particular admin page.

  • I think you can't do that... However, you can play with the html tags and the css classes of wp, like .postbox etc. to obtain what ou want – Pierre Jun 17 '16 at 16:05

You can also use add_meta_box to add predefined boxes to different places in the admin, as long as you know the right handles. In the case of the comments meta box you need:

add_meta_box('commentsdiv', __('Comments'), 'post_comment_meta_box', $screen, 'normal');

Here post_comments_meta_box is the callback function that fills the metabox. I am supposing your plugin is setting a current post, because the callback needs it (it doesn't make sense to display a comments meta box if you don't specify which post the comments must be taken from). $screen is the location of your plugin admin page.

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