My plugin code is below. In the myPlugin_cleanup() function, I'm creating some categories and assigning term id 1 as the parent.

Due to the known bug with creating categories via script (the category_children array does not get created and results in a fatal error when pages containing category listings are accessed), I've placed the clean_term_cache() call directly below the function that creates my categories.

However, its not working. The category_children option is not getting created.

Interestingly, if I create a plugin whose sole function is to execute the clean_term_cache('','category') call, it fixes the problem and creates the category_children option with the correct values.

I'm just not sure why its not working in the same plugin that creates the categories.

What might I be missing?

function myPlugin_activate(){
    if ( get_option( 'myPlugin_activated' ) !== "1"){
        //comment out any function you don't want to run
        clean_term_cache('','category'); //does not work here
        update_option('myPlugin_activated', "1");

function myPlugin_cleanup(){

        //include dependencies


        clean_term_cache('','category'); //Does not appear to work here either.

register_activation_hook(__FILE__, 'myPlugin_activate');
  • Update: It appears that the fix for this is to call _get_term_hierarchy('category') NOT clean_term_cache('','category');
    – Scott B
    Commented Apr 19, 2011 at 21:34

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After creating about 40 test WP installs today on localhost, here's what I can report:

It appears that the correct function call to rebuild the category_children options is:


Previously, I was trying to call:


And I was calling it just after my categories were created in my plugin code. However, I could never get this function to do anything when called from the same plugin that I'm using to create the categories. Interestingly, I could place the function in a stand-alone plugin and run it (after my category creation plugin) and it would rebuild the category_parents options array perfectly.

The reason it can't be called in the same script that creates the categories appears to be related to a peculiar behavior of clean_term_cache() which is best stated by "foofy" in a comment in the bug track ticket:

This is only a problem if you make multiple term changes in the same PHP request/script lifetime. clean_term_cache() tracks each taxonomy it cleans in a static variable and won't clean it a second time. If several term changes are made in the same request, the {$taxonomy}_children option is left with the hierarchy as it was after the first change.

I hope this helps someone!


I have to do this:

$taxnomy_name = ...;
clean_term_cache ( _get_term_hierarchy($taxnomy_name), $taxnomy_name);
  • 3
    Can you explain that?
    – fuxia
    Commented Oct 25, 2012 at 13:44

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