I have a problem currently that is related to permalinks. I have a custom Post type "workshop" and two taxonomies named "manufacturer" and "models". What i want to get and tried is this URL pattern.

Current permalinks for accessing posts under this post type

www.domain.com/workshop/[manufacturer name]/[models]/post name
e.g www.domain.com/workshop/Rover/R1/postname

And for accessing taxonomies terms

For manufacturer

www.domain.com/manufacturer/[term name]

What i want to get is this URL for accessing Taxonomy terms

www.domain.com/[custom postype slug]/[term name]/

Means to add only Custom post type slug as a base and to remove Taxonomy Base slug from URL,s

I have tried some plugins e.g Remove custom taxonomy base slug but what they did is this URL pattern ( they remove both custom post type and taxonomy slug from URL )

www.domain.com/[term name]/

Can its possible to do this with rewrite structure so i can only remove taxonomy slug not custom post type slug from URL,s ?

  • Is this somehow specific how AdvancedCustomFields sets it up? If so, please consult their support forums. – kaiser Jun 26 '14 at 12:34
  • @kaiser Its not related to any custom field or plugin. Its related to Custom taxonomies and terms and their permalinks. Thanks – Jamil Ahmed Jun 26 '14 at 13:08

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