Situation: I'm using the default description field on a page in visual mode. I'm trying to link the words "news page" to the my news page. I pick the News page from the content list that is offered to me in the Insert/edit pop-up window. The url field is filled with:


(generates a full url in the top url field of the pop-up window)

, while generating the address link


would make more sense. Hardcoded links make life difficult after domain name changes.

Why does the default Insert/edit link function in Visual mode in posts or pages make you use the full URL instead of just using the last part of the address?

I can off course switch to Text mode and simply edit the url to be /news/, but that would defeat the purpose of using an easy insert/edit url function.

Maybe it's a setting, maybe there's a plugin, maybe I'm doing it wrong. The last one being more likely. :)

Kind regards,

  • There's some discussion of why relative URLs are "considered harmful" here -- Why relative URLs should be forbidden. It touches on WP's preference for generating full URLs as well as the fact that it tries to create a 301 Redirect for any relative URLs that it discovers.
    – Pat J
    Jun 21, 2014 at 2:47

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Your forgetting the Pages are stored in the Database. The database does not use relative linking. You can control the output by Activating PrettyPermalinks. For moving a domain you must use a Database Backup/Restore Plugin and modify wp-config.php should the database name change

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