I am not a developer but am working on a Wordpress site for my church.

It can be found in its "under construction" stage at Seminole Heights Baptist Church Test Site

I installed the plugin for WidgetKit Lite for Wordpress

It installed successfully

On the slider of the church site, the first slider is a picture of me waving that reads "First Time? Watch our welcome video" that goes to a youtube page with no relevance. Its just there to test video.

What I want to do is create an effect that pops out a box. I apparently cannot post more than one link until I have 10 reputation points but the site I wanted to reference is for Greenway Carpet

I like how the background goes dark and the video box pops out becoming the focal point.

  • Looks like you need to add another plugin to use in conjunction with WidgetKit Lite. Try the Video Lightbox – eyoung100 Jun 20 '14 at 16:02

install the Simple Lightbox and all images will automatically be shown in lightbox..

or you can have a look at this jquery lightbox. Lightbox

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