I'm using Get Posts plugin to list posts with post type "project". I want to filter the list by two custom fields: year (ex. 2006) and state (ex. Completed). I added meta_query to the plugin's get_post args and tried the shortcode:

[get_posts post_type="project" meta_query="array(array('key' => 'state', 'value' => 
'Completed'),array('key' => 'year','value' => '2006'))" suppress_filters="false"]

This is not working, though I can get both "state" and "year" to work by their own using meta_key and meta_value.

Can someone put me in the right direction?


Besides the plugin not being updated, this will not work because the meta_query arg is evaluated as a string:

array(3) {
  ["post_type"] => string(7) "project"
  ["meta_query"] => string(96) "array(array('key' => 'state', 'value' => 
'Completed'),array('key' => 'year','value' => '2006'))"
  ["suppress_filters"] => string(5) "false"

I suggest you make a custom page template, where you would directly call get_posts() with the meta_query you want.

You will have to copy the code that handles the actual listing of the posts.

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I don't think the plugin been updated to support the new query args, or specifically in this case, the meta_query arg.

The plugin page lists compatibility upto 3.0.5, and if i remember correctly, meta_query was introduced in 3.1, so naturally i'd conclude support is not yet available..

I could be wrong, just connecting the dots..

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The plugin uses shortcode_atts to limit the list of accepted arguments:


meta_query is not on that list. I'd suggest forking the plugin or asking the author to update it to allow meta queries.

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  • Thank you. So, if get_posts() does not support meta_query, i'll need a WP_Query() or query_posts() shortcode plugin of some sort? Will they behave properly as a shortcode within a page, i.e. not in a template? Am I asking the right questions? What is, after all, the right way to get a filtered list by two custom fields? – AnaRita Apr 18 '11 at 14:39
  • get_posts() is just a wrapper for WP_Query, so meta_query does work, as well as any other arg that WP_Query can handle. – scribu Apr 18 '11 at 14:41
  • The second part about get_posts() not accepting meta_query is not correct, but the first part about it filtering attributes via shortcode_atts() is. I modified this answer to reflect this, but I leave it up to @John to do a complete edit. – Jan Fabry Apr 18 '11 at 15:42
  • Yeah, my mistake. I was mistaken about how wp_parse_args() worked. – John P Bloch Apr 18 '11 at 17:26

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