I want to add some basic tinymce buttons ( Bold, italic, underline ) to caption textarea in media uploader in WordPress. (Shown in attached image)

I dig a little bit into wordpress core in media.php and media-editor.js file in wp-includes but not getting any hint. Please help me, how can I add it.

Thanks in advance.

enter image description here

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I tried to get my head around this yesterday and I came pretty close solving this issue. But i gave up in the end, cause it was getting too complicated, when start thinking about all the tools, that you want to include/exclude. If you still wanna do this on your own, these two filters are your friend: attachment_fields_to_edit & attachment_fields_to_save.

I now solved with the great acf plugin. I just placed a new wysiwyg editor into the attachment page and hide the original caption field via css.

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