I have a multisite network. The main site displays news. The sub directory sites have administrators and I call them subsite admin. If the subsite admin wants to post to the main site, I want them to log in only as a contributor for the main admin to review their news before publishing.

Is it possible to customize the role of subsite admin where he/she may use it to login as contributor to the main site?

For example, subsite-admin-A will have 2 roles:

  1. admin to its subsite
  2. contributor to the main site.

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Read User Access paragraph on the Codex here: Multisite Network Administration

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WordPress Multisite supports this -- see Roles and Capabilities. Multisite's user model is that each site sets the roles for each user.

So, for example, user Joe can be an administrator on the News site and a contributor on the Main site, and have no role at all on the Events site. Emily can be a contributor on News and Events, and have no role on Main. Ahmed can be an editor on News only. Johanna can be an author on all three site. And so on.

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