I have a function working on 'create_term' hook, I'm trying to prevent
the term from being created on certain situations, I've tried

return false;

But that didn't do much, how do I prevent the term from being created?


create_term as you can see in inline docs in code

Fires immediately after a new term is created, before the term cache is cleaned

So you can't prevent an event after that event already happen.

To prevent a term is inserted you can use 'pre_insert_term' filter hook and return a WP_Error a 0 or an empty string.


add_filter( 'pre_insert_term', 'prevent_add_term', 20, 2 );

function prevent_add_term( $term, $taxonomy ) {
  if ( $term === 'i-am-a-bad-term' ) {
    $term = new WP_Error( 'invalid_term', 'Term you tried to add sucks' );
  return $term;
  • good, concise, and I wish the docs would've covered hooks a bit better.
    – Asaf
    Jun 13 '14 at 19:53
  • @Asaf all of us hope that ;)
    – gmazzap
    Jun 13 '14 at 21:16

create_term is only fired after the term has already been inserted, so returning false will do nothing.

pre_insert_term appears to be the hook to use, as mentioned in the codex here. However, the specific hook seems undocumented, so you might have to play with it a bit.

  • 1
    Aaand see G.M.'s simultaneous answer, more thorough than mine.
    – vancoder
    Jun 13 '14 at 19:38

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