new to wp

just wonder how to get content into the center of the theme

note ive installed wp 3.9.1 choosed the theme 2014 with child-theme and run the plugin fourteen colors

what makes me wonder : how can i get content to the center .

i have the

  • Primary sidebar and
  • content-sidebar

for the left and the right side-block

question: what / which area is covered by the "featured-content"!?

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Be default, the Twenty Fourteen theme's Featured Content looks for posts that are tagged with "featured". You can modify this behavior easily in the theme customizations menu at .../wp-admin/customize.php.

This can be customized much further inside your child theme with a modified query, customized HTML or any other edit you'd like to make in the child theme templates.

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    thanks alot - youre great. I am glad glad glad that you was encouraged to answer - and did not follow the other guys who did stop the thread. You are the hero!!! Keep up your great work - you guy rock!
    – zero
    Jun 9, 2014 at 22:18

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