I'm looking for an easy/efficient way to manage & serve content from one master WP site to multiple drones (NOT multisite).

On the master site i'll have custom post type "served_content". The drones will have "collection" pages, each will serve multiple different served_content posts. served_content might become disabled from the master site, too.


  • Fetch posts with their metadata
  • Cache this data so we don't slow down page load too much. Ideally instead of requesting everytime, it can just sync the "served_content" posts across all my WP installations
  • Use mostly native WP functions, or readymade WP plugins
  • Being able to publish and un-publish (disable from showing) the served-content, right from the master site.

How I want it to work

On (one of) my clients i'll have a page that requests specific post IDs from the centralized location, for example:

$posts_to_retrieve = array(1,5,12,23);

What I've been planning on using

  • WP XML-RPC api (and specifically wp.getPost method)
  • SimpleXML to parse the returned XML

The problem is I don't think XML-RPC method is caching the requests

What will you recommend to use?

Thanks in advance!

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    "I don't think XML-RPC method is caching the requests". I don't think it should. If you're caching the responses on your "drone" sites, then you needn't worry about it - they'll only "ping" the master site once every X hours (however long you decide to cache the response for). Jun 9, 2014 at 11:05
  • So yuo're saying I should just use XML-RPC and some caching plugin (e.g. W3 Total Cache)?
    – Lulu
    Jun 9, 2014 at 15:08

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On your master site, register a new XML RPC method that accepts a date argument and replies back with all content published since then.

For each of your drone sites, register a cron hook that pings the master every X minutes/hours with the date of the most recently "imported" content, and then saves the response locally.

W3 Total Cache (and the like) are front-end cache systems for serving up content to your users. In this context, caching is referring to storing content on the drone site for a period of time, and then updating at regular intervals, as opposed to pinging the master on every front-end request.

  • Thanks for the asnwer! How does the drone site imports the data? Will it create it in the wp_post table? Also, What happens if one of the original posts that was imported, was unpublished in the master site? The content may be published and un-published anytime - so this is something to take into account (I've added this req to the original questions, sorry I didn't mention it before)
    – Lulu
    Jun 9, 2014 at 16:23
  • Yes, I'd create the posts in wp_posts so that they behave in the same way on the drone site. Your second question is a bit beyond the scope of WPSE - I can help steer you in the right direction, but I can't code it for you! Jun 9, 2014 at 18:30
  • You're right, I did some homework (post_status is the answer to my second question), so please let me be more specific :) : since posts ids can't be synced between the setups, I need to find a way to put a reference to the original id in the master site. I'm thinking of using the guid field for that purpose, is that a good idea? Or maybe a custom field? Any suggestion?
    – Lulu
    Jun 10, 2014 at 0:18
  • I would use a custom (meta) field. Jun 10, 2014 at 8:33

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