OK, it's more a philosophic question that a programming question, but at the end it will have a huge impact on code...

I have 5 main product, a,b,c,d,e

those 5 products have options those products can belong to multiple category

So the end, i should show the product a, with below, option of product a witch is a1, a2, a3, a4 and below, the other products that belong to the same category as a, so it can be, x, y, z.

So it look like

  • a
    • a1
    • a2
    • a3
    • a4
  • x
  • y
  • z

How should i manage categories, should i create a category witch name is option for a or there is a better way. Organising is not my stongest point, but good organization can lead to easy coding..

thanks in advance

idea, if i can control the ID of the post created, i will create product a as id=100 and all option as product option a1 : id-101. option a2 : id=201 and so on ..

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I'm pretty sure i missunderstood you...

Approach: Categories & Terms (built in taxonomies)

You have got categories (hierarchical built in taxonomy) & terms (non-hierarchical built in taxonomy). You can also assign terms to categories. So i'd say, you can take the following approach using the built in taxonomies:

  • shoes (parent category)
    • boots (child category)
    • sneakers (child category)
    • other shoes (default child category)

and then use terms inside additional categories like:

  • color (parent cateogry)
    • cyan (term)
    • magenta (term)
    • yellow (term)
    • black (term)
  • laces (parent category)
    • long (term)
    • medium (term) and so on ...

This would give you the ability to list all shoes on a category page. Then you can further list all sneakers on one page. You can also list all shoes that got long laces and red color.


Take a look at (for eg.) here for more information about the query for different archive (category/term) pages and how to query/retrieve multiple taxonomies at one page.

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