i've create a new user role and i want this user can edit page and use custom post type. For custom post type i've resolve but for the page not function.

On backend the user can only see the page but can't edit. Where wrong?

/* aggiungi ruolo */

add_role('brokers', 'Brokers', array(

'read' => true, // True allows that capability
'edit_pages' => true,


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The edit_pages capability only allows a user to edit his own unpublished pages. It does neither allow to edit others pages (this would require the edit_others_pages capability) nor does it allow to publish or edit published pages (capabilities: publish_pages and edit_published_pages).

I’d strongly recommend having a look on this wonderful table: https://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities#Capability_vs._Role_Table listing up all avaliable native WordPress capabilities against the roles they belong to.

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