I need to curl a wordpress site and fetch in rss format:
1. all categories
2. for a category, all posts. They need to contain title and full body (not description).

given my site is somewpsite.com, how do I write the 2 URLs for above needs?

thank you.

  • You want to get a list of categories, or you want all posts regardless of category? – Tom J Nowell Jun 2 '14 at 11:57

Find an archive that displays what you want, and add /feed/ to the end

e.g. /category/test becomes /category/test/feed, / becomes /feed/, /books/ becomes /books/feed

If you add /feed to the end of a single posts URL you will get a comment feed

You can also do /feed/rss2 or /feed/atom

RSS feeds should contain a title and content, if an excerpt is shown rather than the full content, you should go to your reading settings and change the relevant option

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