The following post formats got a specific type of content part that should get displayed:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Link


A) What is the exact content (element) that is meant to get displayed for video & audio?

B) How would you get the relevant part of the post content that represents the post format?

C) What would you do with the rest of the content?

D) How would you know which format a audio/video player needs as there's nothin built in?

Note (ad C): How would a user know that she/he should only post eg. a "link" (post format) and not a link inside a text?

Note (ad D): As already asked by @bueltge there's no player.

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There is no convention or consensus on any of these questions.

In my own Theme, Oenology, I use the standard template tag the_content() to get the content for almost every Post Format type. The exception is Images and Galleries, where I pull the image out separately, and use the_excerpt() as the image caption/gallery description.

A) They are intended to display whatever content is added to the Post.

B) Use the_content(), just as you would with a "standard" Post

C) Display it, either as per normal, or using some creativity for certain post format types. If you develop a Theme that makes certain assumptions about what content applies to specific Post Format types, then provide documentation within the Theme to explain those assumptions.

D) You can't know. I just leave the raw link to the audio, and leave it up to the end user to choose an Audio Player Plugin.

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