Please, I need help with Wordpress 3.9.1 and TinyMCE4.

Before, with Wordpress 3.8.x and TinyMCE3, I have used this code in my functions.php theme file to reveal the hidden 'code' button in TinyMCE3:

function my_mce_buttons_2($buttons) {
$buttons[] = 'code';
return $buttons;
add_filter('mce_buttons_2', 'my_mce_buttons_2’);

The 'code' button is used to open a little window in TinyMCE which shows the real HTML code.

The before code is from a Wordpress Codex page.

Well, now, with Wordpress 3.9 and TinyMCE4, this do NOT work anymore. I can't reveal this button.

But, instead, if I follow the Wordpress Codex instructions linked before, and use 'superscript' or 'subscript' instead of 'code'... IT WORKS!! But don't know why, because 'code' is one of the buttons listed in the TinyMCE site as available.

Please, help me, I don't have the programing knowledge to solve this on my own. THANKS.

-- Please, excuse my poor english, it's not my mother language.

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Finally I have find the answer to my question here. Seems like the Wordpress Team forgot to add the TinyMCE4 ‘code’ plugin in the Wordpress 3.9.1 release. Well, thanks to all!

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