As currently there's no way to declare any new custom post format in WordPress (3.9.1), is there a way I can make the 'delete' button on some categories inactive, so that the Editor can't remove them, and I can call them where necessary with their IDs without any hustle.
delete button in categories

I just want it for some specific Categories only — not for all.


WordPress uses the WP_List_Table class, or some extension of it, to generate those lists. In this case, it is the WP_Terms_List_Table class. That class contains a filter called {$taxonomy}_row_actions.

  function($actions, $tag) {
    $no_del = array(11,22,33);
    if (in_array($tag->term_id,$no_del)) {
    return $actions;
  • Thank you @s_ha_dum. I thought I could go with something like current_user_can('editor') and to target any capability like delete_categories (not exists) etc. But the solution is totally in a different place. Thanks a lot for the insights. – Mayeenul Islam May 26 '14 at 4:56

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