How can I find out what section each input is in when viewing the $input array passed to the sanitize_callback function defined in register_setting()?

I suppose one option is to include the section as part of the field name and can then extract it. E.g. name="section^field" and then in the sanitize_callback:

foreach($input as $name => $val) {
    $parts = explode('^', $name);
    $section = $parts[0];
    $field = $parts[1];
    // do more stuff here

But this feels a little hacky. Is there a better way?

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Unfortunately if you look at the source the only thing that happens there is:

add_filter( "sanitize_option_{$option_name}", $sanitize_callback );

There is no opportunity to pass along or retrieve any extra information.

On a larger scale I would say if you need section-specific sanitize then use section-specific callbacks. Even if considerable parts are shared with class based code it should be easy enough to neatly organize.

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