I've got an issue with changing a header image based on language and the file path to the image. Have tried relative and absolute paths but still end up with a broken/missing file icon.

In my functions I have:

function header_image_switcher() {
    switch( ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE ) {

        case 'en':
            $link_to_image = '/images/top-header-en.png';

        case 'fi':
            $link_to_image = '/images/top-header-fi.png';

        case 'sv':
            $link_to_image = '/images/top-header-sv.png';

        return $link_to_image;

and the template contains

echo "<img src=" . header_image_switcher() . " />";

My images folder is outside of the theme and in the same folder as my install but the images still won't load.

Any obvious mistakes I'm making?

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    Have you looked at the HTML? Is src empty or just pointing somewhere wrong? – kraftner May 15 '14 at 13:13
  • Your image folder is inside the WordPress root directory ? So wp-load.php and your images folder are at the same place? – kaiser May 15 '14 at 13:13
  • Hi...the source comes back empty...just a backslash. Kaiser, yes this the current directory setup. – JCJ May 19 '14 at 7:42

You can use site_url() or get_site_url(). Depending on your install and setup, you could as well use network_site_url() - which is what I would prefer as it falls back to site_url() internally if it is no multisite setup.

The site_url( $path, $scheme ); function also takes two arguments:

  1. The $path can be used to append a path to the URl in case you need to point somewhere custom.
  2. Omit the second one, as it's the scheme (http/s) and will be set automatically - only use it if you want to force a scheme.

Note: You might want to make your switch a bit more fail save:

switch ( $foo )
    case 'bar' :
        return 'I am bar';

    case default :
    case 'baz' :
        return 'I am baz';

Having a default will save you from failing when none of the conditions are met - with language you might want to use American English. Also you can return immediately as there is nothing which shall happen with the switch result afterwards.

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