Although optimized wordpress all the way but still very slow as follows : I have converted from LONGTEXT meta_value field to TEXT Then create INDEX for this field

ALTER TABLE wp_postmeta ADD INDEX idx_metavalue ( meta_value ( 255 ) ) ;

I continue to create FULL - TEXT search

ALTER TABLE wp_postmeta ADD fulltext ( meta_value ) ;

AND my database is Innodb type

Initially when the number of posts is around 150,000 posts , the query speed is relatively fast But when the number of posts is 200,000 articles , the query speed is very slow . Each post has about 20 custom fields , so there are about 4 million records in the table postmeta .

With the amount of 4 million records that I have used INDEX and fulltext search is not supposed to speed very slow . But the current query very slow speed ( approximately 20 seconds ) query:

SELECT post_id FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key='_title' AND MATCH('meta_value') AGIANST('$title') LIMIT 10;

So how to increase the speed of queries when the query execution meta_query ( )

speed you can check in http://fixapk.com/apps or http://fixapk.com/games Thank you !

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