Right now I have a Front page and a Posts page specified in dashboard. The Front page is a page called "home" using a page-home.php template.

However I don't want to have to create a WP page for the home page, I just want WP to use my front-page.php or home.php template. And at the same time I still want it to have a specific page for posts.

How to do that, is it even possible?

  • What you're asking, or perhaps how you're asking it is a bit confusing. Perhaps you can clarify by mapping out what you hope to view where, e.g. / => Front page => page-home.php; /blog => Posts page => home.php; /posts => static page => page-posts.php
    – totels
    May 7, 2014 at 14:12

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For WordPress to automatically use home.php to render your home page you have to set

Settings > Reading > Home Page Displays to "Your latest posts"

With that option set WordPress looks to use home.php first, and then index.php (in that order) to output your home page.

Read more here.

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