This question might have been asked already, and if so I apologize but none of the other answers pointed me in the right direction. I am developing my first Wordpress plugin. Lets say it contains the following admin pages:

  • General Settings
  • Add New Vendor
  • Vendors
  • Edit Vendor

Now, I do not want to display the Edit Vendor option in the menu, and I want to make it accessible using a link in Vendors page. My menu and Vendors page are:

enter image description here

Code to generate the menu:

function nes_general_settings_view () { 

function nes_vendor_view () { 

function nes_vendor_new_view () {

function nes_vendor_edit_view () {


add_action("admin_menu", function () {

    add_submenu_page( "nes_general_settings", "General Settings", "General Settings", 0, "nes_general_settings", "nes_general_settings_view");

    add_submenu_page( "nes_general_settings", "Vendors", "Vendors", 0, "nes_vendor", "nes_vendor_view");
    add_submenu_page( "nes_general_settings", "New Vendor", "New Vendor", 0, "nes_vendor_new", "nes_vendor_new_view");
    add_submenu_page( "nes_fake_id", "Edit Vendor", "Edit Vendor", 0, "nes_vendor_edit", "nes_vendor_edit_view");


And Code to generate the link to Edit Vendor page:

<a href="<?=admin_url("admin.php?page=nes_vendor_edit")?>">Edit</a>

But when I am in Edit Vendor page, my menu is not selected.

enter image description here

Now my question is: How do I set the Service > Vendors submenu to the currently selected Admin menu, when I am on the Edit Vendor Page? Please give me an example, since I am really new to WordPress.

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