I was use to pass value to function for the below menu.

add_menu_page('Competition Manager 2013-2014', '2013-2014', 'manage_options', 'manager_2013_2014', 'manager_2013_2014', plugins_url( 'competition-manager/images/cup.png' ), 81 );
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    This is not clear. Please expand upon the description of the problem. – s_ha_dum Apr 30 '14 at 21:53

Don’t use a function for the callback, use a class. Something like this:

class Competition_Manager_Page
    private $extra;

    public function set_extra( $value )
        $this->extra = $value;

    public function render()
        // show you page content, then:
        print $this->extra;

You can extend the class’ functionality later.

Now, when you register the menu, create an instance of that class first, and add you extra data:

$page = new Competition_Manager_Page;
$page->set_extra( 'Test' );

    'Competition Manager 2013-2014',
    array( $page, 'render' ), // replacement for the former function
    plugins_url( 'competition-manager/images/cup.png' ), 81

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