I'm working on a friends site and I am attempting to update the slug example.com/blah but when I update the slug/url to /blah and click ok it updates it to /blah-2.

This means that there is an existing page/post with this setting. I searched the trash/etc in both pages and posts and I cannot find one. I hopped into the DB to take a look around and I wasn't able to find it either in the DB. Albeit, I'm no pro (beginner in this db schema). Where can I find what page/post has this slug so that I can fix this mess?

DB queries, plugins to help, etc. Thanks!

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The slug is the poorly named post_name column in the $wpdb->posts table. Drop this into your theme templates somewhere-- header.php, for example-- and you should see any posts with a matching slug:

$q = new WP_Query(
    'post_type' => 'any',
    'name' => 'hello-world',

You can tweak the arguments for WP_Query if you feel you need to.

  • Excellent help. This helped me figure out what my issue was - using a numeric slug on a page. Apr 28, 2014 at 3:40
  • Great approach!
    – bramchi
    Mar 28, 2022 at 17:24

I found my issue. I was attempting to use a numeric slug for a page which is not allowed. See - Can I use a number for a post/page slug?

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