Despite the WordPress Options' Timezone setting for the whole WordPress installation, is it necessary to declare the default timezone in all the date/time places in a WP theme/plugins?

echo date('d M Y - D - h:i A');

Suppose I'm handling with something where I'm checking whether the date&time is equals to TODAY. You know what "Today" means is a bit variable - variable to server time, variable to local time etc.

That's why I'm looking for a standard procedure to follow in WP projects, whether to set the default timezone each and every time (or do I call them always in the header?) or to avoid them as WordPress itself declared that already (just tune that before).

I'm just looking for a standard procedure - what to follow...

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I think the safest way to handle it is to use the API to get the local time as set in WordPress settings-

$today = date( 'd M Y - D - h:i A', current_time( 'timestamp' ) );

EDIT- apparently current_time also accepts a PHP date string now as of version 3.9, so you can use that directly in place of date.

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