Since upgrading to Wordpress 3.9 (which includes TinyMCE 4.x), I have problems customizing the editor, displayed via wp_editor()

In the example below, I want to disable the 'fullscreen' button, but this doesn't work.

 $settings = array(  'textarea_name' => 'description',
                 'quicktags' => false,
                 'media_buttons' => false,
                 'teeny' => true,
                 'tinymce'=> array(
                 'theme_advanced_disable' => 'fullscreen'
wp_editor( $content, 'description', $settings );

Unfortunately, the documentation for TinyMCE API 4.x isn't as helpful to me as the 3.8 one


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Try this:


'theme_advanced_disable' => 'fullscreen'


'toolbar1'=> 'bold,italic,underline,bullist,numlist,link,unlink,forecolor,undo,redo'

Also, remove 'teeny' => true,

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    I had to keep 'teeny' => true, in order for this to work
    – myol
    Jan 6, 2015 at 17:21

adding this filter below your code you can delete fullscreen button or another with teeny=>true, deleting items from $buttons array (fullscreen is 14 counting from left to right from 0 )

first remove from $settings

'tinymce'=> array(
             'theme_advanced_disable' => 'fullscreen'

and add filter

add_filter( "teeny_mce_buttons", "gk_comment_form_no_fullscreen");
function gk_comment_form_no_fullscreen($buttons) {
    return $buttons;
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    Please don't dump code barely, add some explanation how this code can help etc. Jan 9, 2015 at 18:28

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