I'm writing a file upload plugin and want to emulate original Wordpress behavior:

  1. user uploads file on "Upload Files" tab
  2. after upload is complete, "Media Library" tab is activated with just uploaded files selected.

Granted I know how to add a third tab, I want after some to switch to "Media Library" tab, if I could select attachments on the tab, that would be awesome too.

I have browsed docs and js code but failed to find anything. Snippet would be great, pointing to a proper article will suffice.

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I found nothing better than:

// switch to attachment browser
// refresh attachment collection
wp.media.frame.content.view.views._views[".media-frame-content"][0].views._views[""][1].collection.props.set({ignore:(+(new Date()))});

Feel free to add proper way of doing this.


This could help, I can confirm it works in WordPress 6.5:


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